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GCSE Preparation Services

If you are looking for reliable tuition for GCSE you have come to the right place. Our Freelance tutors provide preparation in Mathematics, English and Science for students from Year 6 – Year 11. At GCSE Tuition we believe in providing quality tuition at a fair price. Our goal is to empower students to make and achieve goals in their secondary education. We have a variety of services available in Birmingham, Solihull & Warwickshire. We strongly recommend that you get in touch to see how we can help.

Weekly GCSE

We can connect you with experienced tutors who run structured freelance classes, in small groups. These classes can be booked in a 6 week block. The cost works out to £30 per hour, based on one subject, or £25 per hour per student if you join with a friend/sibling. Available subjects include Mathematics, English & Science. Classes are available in Birmingham, Solihull & Warwickshire. Contact us for more information.

1 to 1 GCSE

We can help you find skilled 1 to 1 tutors who will provide a 2 hour trial session (£80) and make a plan to help your child achieve their goals. Following the trial session tuition is provided in a 5 week block (2 hours per session). The cost works out to £40 per hour. Available subjects include Mathematics, English & Science. Contact us for more information.

GCSE Intensive Courses

Intensive Courses are ideal for revision before GCSE exams. These courses are often held during school holidays, in April and May. Intensive courses are primarily designed for students in Year 11. Available subjects include English, Maths & Science. Intensive Courses take place in Birmingham. Contact us for more information.


We provide GCSE Mock Exams using original materials which students will not have seen before. Each Mock Exam includes a report detailing areas for improvement. The cost of our GCSE Mock Exams is £50 per paper. Contact us for more details.

GCSE Mock Exam Reviews

After sitting a GCSE Mock Exam with us you will have the option to attend a small group review. During the review students are guided through how to answer all exam questions. The cost of our Mock Exam Review is £50 per paper. (2 hours).

GCSE Assessment & Consultation

Experience has shown us that the best place to start is a GCSE Assessment & Consultation. We can then advise you further based on the students needs. Our Assessment and Consultation is currently free  and the assessment will last for approximately 1 hour per subject. Contact us today!

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